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CERF Statutes

Number Statute
50.1000. Definitions.
50.1010. Fund authorized, management--apportionment of benefits.
50.1020. Source of funds, delinquent tax penalties--county assessor, duties--deposit of funds--payroll deduction.
50.1030. Board of directors, election, appointment by the governor, term, powers, duties--chairman, secretary, meetings--advisors--audits--compensation, costs--record--annual review.
50.1031. Benefit adjustments, required assets-to-liability ratio--frequency of adjustments--effective date of adjustments.
50.1032. Board to adopt rules for administration of retirement system.
50.1034. Correction of errors--false statements--benefits not paid to survivor or beneficiary who intentionally kills member.
50.1036. Errors, false statements, false records, consequences.
50.1038. Survivor or beneficiary charged with intentional killing of  member, benefits suspended--conviction, benefits to cease--no conviction, effect.
50.1040. Membership in system--payroll deduction for nonLAGERS members--opting out prohibited, exceptions--opting in, when.
50.1050. Normal annuity, qualifications.
50.1060. Normal annuity, amount, limitation--board to recommend adjustments to formula.
50.1070. Increase in benefits, limitation--determination--waiver of increase.
50.1080. What calculators apply.
50.1090. Creditable service--special consultant, duty, compensation--limitation--verification of records--refund of contributions, when.
50.1100. Retirement, application, payment of annuity, restriction--exception, part-time work for county member may receive annuity, part-time work not to affect annuity.
50.1110. Options in lieu of normal annuity, election--survivorship benefit.
50.1120. Death of beneficiary, reversion of normal annuity.
50.1130. Death benefit.
50.1140. Termination of employment, forfeit of rights, refund--deferred annuity permanent, when--payment of accumulated contributions--restoration of creditable service.
50.1150. Law not to affect certain rights--discrimination prohibited.
50.1160. Effect upon eligibility for other retirement systems.
50.1170. Applicability.
50.1175. Pension benefits and retirement allowances, exempt from attachment, garnishment and other processes--exception, child support and maintenance.
50.1180. Law not to apply to certain political subdivisions.
50.1190. Recorder of deeds, extra fees, deposit.
50.1200. Ex officio collector, fees, deposit.
50.1210. Contribution accounts established, board and nonLAGERS members to contribute to accounts.
50.1220. NonLAGERS member contribution, amount.
50.1230. Matching contributions by board, when, rules--matching contributions by county, when.
50.1240. Bookkeeping account established.
50.1250. Forfeiture of contributions, when--reversion of forfeitures--distribution of contribution account, when--death of a member, effect of.
50.1260. Direct rollover permitted, when.
50.1300. Deferred compensation plan authorized--consolidation permitted, when.