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Investing Your Money

457 Plan

The CERF Savings Plan offers a broad range of investment options from the conservative, such as guaranteed investment options, to the more aggressive, such as international or small company stock funds. Generally, conservative investments with a lower investment risk offer a lower potential return over time, whereas more aggressive investments offer a greater potential return but with more investment risk. The plan is flexible; you can put all of your money in a single investment option or you can invest in a combination of options.

Enrollment forms have funds listed on them for selection upon enrollment. Until you select your investment options, your money will be invested in the appropriate Target Date Fund.

For detailed information about the investment options that are available to you, contact Empower Retirement at (877) 895-1394, or visit www.empower-retirement.com/. You will need to have your User ID and personal identification number (PIN) provided to you by Empower Retirement, to obtain this information.