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Denial of Claim

If a claim for a benefit is denied, in whole or in part, the CERF Administrative Office will notify you or your beneficiary in writing.

This written notice will include:

  • Specific reason(s) for the denial;
  • References to plan provision(s) on which the denial is based;
  • A description of any additional material or information that is necessary to perfect the claim; and
  • Procedures for appealing the decision.

If your beneficiary’s claim for benefits is denied and he/she disagrees with this decision, he/she may appeal the denial.

Appealing a Denied Claim

If, after contacting the CERF Administrative Office, you or your beneficiary believe the claim was handled incorrectly, an appeal may be filed, in writing, and sent to the CERF Administrative Office within 60 days from the date the denial of benefits is received. The appeal should be sent to:

CERF, 2121 Schotthill Woods Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65101

The written appeal should state the reason you or your beneficiary believe the claim was improperly denied and include any data or comments to support the claim. The Board will review appeals at the first Board meeting following 30 days from the date the appeal is received. You will receive a written notice of the decision regarding your appeal.