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Receiving A Pension

Vested Employees Who Are Not Receiving a Pension

If you were vested in a previous period of service and have returned to work, your pension will be based on your creditable service before, and after, your rehire date. In most cases, if you were re-employed before June 10, 1999, and remained employed on January 1, 2000, you will receive credit for your service prior to August 28, 1994.

Retirees Receiving a Pension

If you are retired and receiving a benefit from CERF, your benefit will be suspended if you are rehired in a full-time (1,000 hours or more), eligible position. You will also be subject to making the required CERF contribution. When you retire again, your pension will be based on your total years of creditable service. If you are rehired as a part-time employee, however, and work less than 1,000 hours in a calendar year, your pension will continue without interruption. You will not earn additional credit for the part-time service.

The 1,000 hour requirement is counted based on payrolls paid during the calendar year. If December payroll hours are paid in January, those hours are counted in the year in which the payroll was paid, not the year the hours were worked.

In addition, if you are re-hired as an elected or appointed official, you are considered to automatically meet the 1,000 hour requirement and must be re-enrolled in CERF.