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401(a) Plan

Enrolling in the CERF 401(a) Savings Plan is easy. You need to:

  • Review enrollment materials obtained from your payroll office or by calling Empower Retirement at (877) 895-1394;
  • Complete an Enrollment form including the beneficiary section and choose your investment
  • Return the completed form to your county payroll office.

Enrollment/Beneficiary forms are also available to download from www.mocerf.org.

You may change your investment elections at any time by going online at www.empower.com or using a touch-tone phone to call KeyTalk at (800) 701-8255.

Although CERF’s match is based on your voluntary contributions to the CERF 457 plan, the actual matching funds, if any, are deposited into your CERF 401(a) account.

Note: Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) is sent to your home after your 457 and/or 401(a) Savings Plan is established.