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Periodic Payroll Instructions for Missouri Counties

Effective January 1, 2003 all contributions and salary/hours information must be submitted in the format described below. CERF will no longer accept paper reports.

Counties must provide salary, hours and employee contribution information to the CERF Administrative Office (CAO) at their own period payroll intervals using one of the following file types.

  • “Flat” (.txt) file
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Creating a “Flat” (.txt) File

A programmer must prepare a “flat” (.txt) file. The programmer may contact CERF’s IT Department at 1-877-632-2373 for additional documentation and assistance in creating this file.

Creating the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

  • Only CERF participants should be on the report.
  • All columns containing numeric values MUST BE TOTALED in the total row (the last row in the spreadsheet) even if the total is zero.
  • The only columns that do NOT have information in the total row are the SS# (column P), the Name (column Q), the HireDate (column R) and the LAGERS Status (column S).
  • Buyback payments must appear in the correct column in order to be uploaded.
  • Do NOT hide rows or columns.
  • See explanation of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet columns.
  • Obtain sample Microsoft Excel file.

Uploading the “Flat” (.txt) File or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

The “flat” (.txt) file or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can be uploaded to the CAO using the CARS system.

Questions regarding periodic payroll reporting should be directed to the Accounts department:
Email: accounting@mocerf.org
Telephone: 573-632-9203