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Main line: 877-632-2373
Executive Director Deputy Director
Sarah Maxwell x 4111 Rita Turley x 4113
Asst. Deputy Director
Kelly Schwartze x 4112    
Nancy Griffin x 4126 Mary Holsman x 4218
Maria Holee x 4217
Melissa Colvin x 4216    
Jim Ellison x 4128    
Operations & Accounts
Richard Anderson x 4114 Cynthia Campbell x 4120
Darla Snellen x 4119 Maria Holee x 4217
Kim Lueckenotte x 4127 Shelly Nilges x 4110
Information Technology
Srikanth Chinta x 4122 Debbie Baker x 4221
Vinay Tadepalli x 4124 Nithin Thammireddigari x 4123
General CARS Questions
Debbie Baker x4221
Accounts - Payroll and Deposit Questions
Cynthia Campbell x 4120
Darla Snellen x 4119
Kim Lueckenotte x 4127
Maria Holee x 4217
Benefits - Participant Information, Enrollments, Employment Change Questions
Nancy Griffin x 4126
Maria Holee x 4217
Mary Holsman x 4218
Melissa Colvin x 4216

Address: 2121 Schotthill Woods Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101
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Empower Retirement
133 S 11th Street, Suite 230
St. Louis, MO 63102
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Local: (573) 632-9203

Toll-free: (877) 632-2373

Fax: (573) 761-4404

For general CERF administrative questions, please e-mail us at admin@mocerf.org. All CARS related inquiries should be directed to carssupport@mocerf.org .

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